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  • gayleforman:

    Remember when I said I was going to post the #IfIStayMovieTrailer tomorrow morning?
    Well, actually I`m going to post it RIGHT NOW!

    Hope you`re ready for ALL.THE.FEELS.

    Thanks, MTV!!




    Meet the real life mermaid who swims with jellyfish and can hold her breath under water for up to five minutes

    Linden Wolbert travels the world as a full time professional mermaid and uses her custom-made 6ft tail to propel her through the water.

    The 32-year-old freediver and model can swim to depths of 115ft and uses her skills to promote ocean conservation and education.


    how do u go about being a “professional” mermaid

    who pays you?

    who cares

    (via kennaaponek)

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